Meet The Team

I have been asked many times why did I get involved with the Wiltshire OPC Project, I thought it would be a good idea to let others know who we are and what we do and what motivates us. Its always nice to put a face to the name so here we go, naturally we have some very shy team members who haven’t yet given us a mugshot so they are represented by a silhouette. In alphabetical order are:-

This list was last updated on 21 May 2016 – If you have not yet sent a photograph in for us to use then please do so – this is not a requirement but its so nice to see a face and associate it with a name.  Thanks

Eileen Barnett is the OPC for Chilmark.  Eileen is a talented artist.

Eileen Barnett

Christine Brooks is a member of the Admin team and lives in Australia.  Christine is OPC for Calne, Hilmarton & Warminster.


Sam Butler is OPC for Atworth.  Sam is the lady in red.

Sam Butler

Nigel Chalk is OPC for Stratton St. Margaret.  Nigel is an active member of his local community.

Nigel Chalk

 Jo Clinton is OPC for Collingbourne Ducis, Devizes & Steeple Ashton

Jo Clinton

John Corfield is OPC for Staverton.  John featured in a newspaper article on 1st March where he promoted himself as OPC and bringing the project to the attention of the media.  You may read the article here

John Corfield

Liz Corfield is OPC for Holt, Great Chalfield, Semington & Whaddon


Richard Cresswell has joined the team as Assistant Administrator.  Richard has a background in Web Design etc.  so his help will be a great resource.

Male Silhoutte

Jane Davies is OPC for Cherhill


Cathy Day has been an OPC for several years and is OPC for Kilmington, Maiden Bradley, Mere, Stourton & Zeals


Linda De Santiz is OPC for Melksham.  Linda is based in the town so is very knowledgable about her parish.  She likes to walk and takes lots of photographs to add to her galleries.  Linda often visits the WSHC and is an active member of The Well-House Collection and Historic Melksham.

Linda De Santiz

John Dear is OPC for Durnford, Wilsford cum Lake and Woodford

Male Silhoutte

Pam Debenham is OPC for Cricklade.  Pam is curator of the local parish museum.


Jane Dick is OPC for Bowerchalke, Broad Chalke and Fifield Bavant


Jane Dickson is OPC for Blackland and Calstone Wellington

Jane Dickson

John Dymond is OPC for Aldbourne

Male Silhoutte

Brian Fisk has recently joined the team (January 2017).  Brian has taken over the parish of West Harnham from Jean Barnwell .

Male Silhoutte

Jodi Ann Fuller is OPC for Salisbury apart from the Cathedral & Close, however she does help out for that part of the city when she can.  Jodi also has a passion for crochet and often makes hats and scarves for the homeless.  Jodi has recently had surgery on her hands and has been forced into a sabbatical but is now beginning to pick up the threads again.  OPC Profile – Jodi Fuller

Jodi Ann Fuller

Angela Furnival is OPC for Bratton


Mike Goodall is our photograph restorer.  I wouldn’t know what to do sometimes without his skill.

Mike Goodall

Corrinne Goodenough is OPC for Allington, Cholderton & Newton Tony


Dot Gurd is OPC for Bishopstone near Wilton and Donhead St. Mary


Anne-marie Hayes is OPC for Highworth, Sevenhampton & Stanton Fitzwarren


Caroline Hooper is OPC for Ditteridge


Tony Horne has recently joined the team as OPC for Grittleton

Male Silhoutte

Linda Hull is OPC for Easton Royal, Milton Lilbourne & Wootton Rivers.

Linda Hull

Marion Cameron Jones is OPC for Amesburyfemale-silhouette

Diane LaFeber has now taken over the parish of Tisbury & Wardour


Kay Lewis is OPC for Fisherton Anger


Teresa Lewis is the Senior Administrator & OPC for Bremhill & Worton & Marston.  Teresa lives in Scotland but was born in Worton.  She is also the author of this blog.

Teresa Lewis

Duncan McBurney is OPC for Alton Barnes & Priors, The Manningfords,  North Newnton Wilsford near Pewsey and Woodborough – Profile of – Duncan McBurney

McBurney, Duncan - OPC for Alton, Manningford & Others

Male Silhoutte

Karin Merz is OPC for Longbridge Deverill


David Milborrow is OPC for Salisbury Cathedral and Close.  David was locked away in a very cold small cell-like room at the Cathedral whilst photographing the original parish registers for transcription.  David is often found out and about photographing military related headstones in churchyards.

Male Silhoutte

Neil MacDougall is one of the Photographers we call upon.  Neil has photographed many of the Wiltshire churches and is about to add more to his portfolio.

MacDougall, Neil - Official Photographer

Ian Mankin is OPC for Little & Steeple Langford

Male Silhoutte

Jackie Medhurst is OPC for Boscombe, Bulford, Coombe Bissett, Milston & Netheravon


Yvonne Mitchell is OPC for Dilton & Dilton Marsh.

Yvonne Mitchell

Sandy Mursell is OPC for Bramshaw and Landford with Earldoms.  Sandy was one of the first OPCs to join the team way back when Susan Pearson launched the Wiltshire Project. OPC Profile – Sandy Mursell

Mursell, Sandy - OPC for Bramshaw & Landford with Earldoms

Belinda Norman is OPC for Fisherton Delamere.  Belinda has only recently joined the team.


Carol Ouellet has joined out team as OPC for West Lavington.


Jim Parsons is OPC for Corsley and Horningsham.  Jim is from Frome and is very active on several projects in the area.

Male Silhoutte

Michael Pearson is one of our technical staff.  Based in Leeds and is married to webmaster Susan.

Michael Pearson

Susan Pearson (formerly Penter) is our Webmaster.  Susan is based in Leeds and become Mrs. Michael Pearson in June 2015

Susan Penter

Alan Pollard is OPC for Odstock.

Pollard, Alan - OPC for Odstock - Copy

John Pope is a site administrator & OPC for Bishopstone (Swindon), Keevil, Little Hinton, Rowde & Potterne.  John often visits North Wiltshire  from his home in Norfolk and often submits items for parishes across the county.

John Pope (Admin & OPC)

Rosemary Potter has recently joined us as OPC for North Bradley


Elaine Read is OPC for East & West Grimstead


Eric Read is OPC for Barford St. Martin with Groveley Wood and Fovant

Male Silhoutte

 Linda Robson is OPC for Britford with East Harnham, Laverstock & Ford, Milford, Netherhampton & Stratford Sub Castle.  Linda is also responsible for the Military Page as she is a volunteer at the Wardrobe in Salisbury.


Jenny Todd has now volunteered to take over the parish of Hankerton after the death of David Palmer.

Jenny Todd – OPC for Hankerton

Paul Vivash has adopted the parishes of Great Bedwyn, Little Bedwyn and Tidworth.  Paul has in the past helped in the compilation of the Church of England Clergy Database.  He is also supplying information for the parishes of Collingbourne Ducis and Shalbourne as and when he finds something useful.  The faithful companion at Paul’s side is Archer

Vivash, Paul - OPC for Great Bedwyn, Little Bedwyn & Tidworth

Brian Watts is part of the admin team and is OPC for Chilton Foliat & Ramsbury.  He has a keen interest in Military History and can often be found at the National Archives in Kew.

Male Silhoutte

Alison West has recently adopted the parish of Colerne.


Luisha White is a new OPC for Broad Town and Clyffe Pypard.  Luisha has recently joined the team.


Hayley Wood is OPC for Christian Malford


Rosie Young is the OPC for Pewsey.  Rosie is from Australia and joined the team on the 21st September 2015



Wiltshire - OPCs Linda Hull, Sandy Mursell, Linda de Santiz, Sam Butler & Liz Corfield at Wilts FHS Open Day June 2014

From Left to right are OPCs Linda Hull, Sandy Mursell, Linda de Santiz, Sam Butler & Liz Corfield at Wilts FHS Open Day June 2014.  This was a first for the website as none of the team had met each before.  Since then Teresa Lewis & John Pope have met up. Hopefully more of us will get together over the years.  Maybe an OPC meet in the county in a few years time !!!!!!


One thought on “Meet The Team

  1. Thank you so much to all you lovely people who spend valuable time indexing registers! For those of us who live on the other side of the world, it’s a huge help, particularly since Wiltshire records seem to be under-represented in the databases of the big players! Thanks again and please keep up the wonderful work!


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