Thursday 21st September – Catch Up

Hello fellow Moonrakers and Wiltshire enthusiasts.

It has been a few months since my last ramblings so I thought it was time for a catch up.

Firstly as most already know and have responded it’s that time of year where I offer you the “get out of jail free” card either to remain with your parishes or give them up (no pressure since we all have different life changes to deal with).  A few, sadly, for one reason or another have given their parishes up for re-adoption, most have decided to stay and put up with my ramblings for another year and a handful I am still waiting to hear from.  I will contact those people again at the end of the month just in case they didn’t get the first e-mail.  If you have got back to me then there is no need to do so again you are well and truly ensconced.  If you haven’t then please let me know your decision as soon as possible.  Once I have a clear picture of the overall team response then I will update the relevant pages.

I have been pretty busy since the last blog preparing items sent in for loading to the web site – we now have over 21000 items available to assist the family and local historian.  I still have a long way to go to add everything including photographs.

We are still planning to move the website to a new platform, however Susan tells me this isn’t going to be so easy since we are a victim of our own success and the website is too big to move as we would have wished.    We will get there at some point.

On a personal level I must tell you of an incident that made me laugh although maybe I should have been a tad insulted.  A few weeks ago on returning from our second Salou jaunt I asked my son to drop a few books back to the library for me since they were a few days late.  I gave my son some money to pay my inevitable fine.  Ten minutes later he came back and put the money back on my table with a joyful grin.  I asked why the library hadn’t issued the fine.  Still grinning like a Cheshire cat he took great delight in saying that the staff had told him. “There is no fine” – “Your mother is now a Senior Citizen”   Very efficient in updating their records and a bit early but there you are.

Image result for old lady silhouette with zimmer frame

So tomorrow, at age 60, I become an official Scottish OAP.   It does have its bright side though – I get a free bus pass and can travel all over Scotland and down to Carlisle and Berwick-on-Tweed.  I can also use it on some rail services too.  I can also get concession entry to cinema and theatres and also can have the smaller portions in cafes and restaurants.  I must admit though I don’t feel 60 I feel so much more fitter than I did at 50 and my mind is kept busy by our wonderful team at the OPC .

A bit of good news – my home town has had a new leisure centre built  which incorporates a family and local history centre.  Its a five minute walk at most from my home and it has fiche readers – so I am going to book myself in and transcribe some of the fiche we have had donated or purchased.

For now I will let you go and do something more productive.   Will be back soon though









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