Wednesday 19th July – You Probably Won’t Want to Know This

Hi everyone

As you can see am back off my long awaited holiday.  It was wonderful but very hot which my poor feet did not appreciate (not helped by partner dragging me around everywhere clocking up most days 10k)

Top of my list of things to do was to visit Barcelona so we did a whistle-stop coach tour which took us to the Camp Nou (football stadium of Barcelona F.C. and feeder club to my beloved Stoke City) what an amazing stadium it is and not just for football, there is a whole complex for other sports which encourage everyone to take up some form of exercise.

We then were taken to the centre of Barcelona and Las Ramblas, the famous Market Street.  We decided after an incident a few days before to give this a miss and headed for a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Next we had a tour of Barcelona and saw many buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi including his beautiful former home then down to the port to see the statue of Christopher Columbus and to see the area developed for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

We were then taken to the one thing I wanted to see most and that was the Sagrada Familia (Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece) what an impressive work of art.  They hope to finish it by 2026 to mark 100 years of the great man’s tragic death.  Sadly we didn’t have time to go inside as you have to book in advance and you only get one hour to look around.  What I found so sad about it though is that Gaudi’s vision was to have his Basilica surrounded by parkland and the Barcelona Officials have agreed that acres of land surrounding the structure will be cleared to achieve Gaudi’s vision.  Looking around at some of the buildings that will be demolished made me feel like crying.  It made me wonder to how many other beautiful areas of the world have been destroyed to make way for someone’s dream whether it be right for the area or not.

Anyway Barcelona is definitely somewhere I would like to revisit and spent more time at our leisure.

I mentioned an incident that occurred.  We went on a visit to Tarragona taking public transport – cheap and incident free.  We followed the signs to the harbour and to the Roman Amphitheatre.  Heading towards the latter two women (selling carnations for the flamenco) approached and even with all the warning about being careful they managed to take 70 euros from my partners’ wallet (the wallet did not once leave my partners hand yet the money was taken).  Well that was it – anyone who knows me will have a good idea what happened next.  Partner told me they had taken his money so before they could scuttle off – I made a grab for the woman nearest me.  I dug my nice set of acrylic nails into her arm and refused to let go making sure they understood that if they did not return his money we would get the police.  Each time they said they had not taken it deeper went my nails until finally the elder lady handed over a roll of money.  Before I let go my partner made sure the notes were not fake I let go shouting to them that we were going to the police anyway.  (No need as a group of English tourist were coming up behind us and had photographed the two women and were on the phone to the police).  We had the last laugh though we know they could only have take 70 euros and we ended up with 95.  On reflection it was stupid and irresponsible reaction on my part as the women could well have had back up watching from a short distance away.  Just the Welsh dragon in me awoke and no way were they going to get away with it.

It hasn’t put us off at all as partner decided to book a week back in Salou in August so its time to pack again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is not Wiltshire or family history related but I thought I would share our experiences with you all since you had to put up with my excitement leading up to said holiday.




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