Sunday 18th June – Holidays and High Days.

Hi all

Am so excited – this time next week  will be all packed ready to head to Newcastle on the Monday to stay with my niece and catch up on some family history while I am there and hopefully get across to Southwick to lay some flowers where my birth fathers’ ashes are scattered.  Then on the 28th we will fly out to Spain for 11 well earned nights.  As many of you will know its been a tough couple of years for me health wise and thankfully I seem to be past that phase.

Naturally I shan’t be around to “admin” the website from the 24th June until 11th July.  I promise as soon as I get back I will get my head down and begin a focused catch up on the backlog.  Am sure the other admins will keep an eye an eye on things while I am sunning myself.

Susan has informed me that she and Michael have found some solutions to the website build.  Basically we are out growing the present platform we use and will be shortly moving the whole thing over to another platform.   This will happen in the main without disruption to the current website however there maybe a short downtime at some point so the move can be finalised this could possibly be up to two days all being well.   So fingers crossed and good luck to both Susan and Michael with this project.

On Friday night my partner and  I were fortunate to have been given tickets to see Fisher Stevens an Elvis Presley tribute act.  I was really surprised at how good he was and when he sang one song memories of my parents came flooding back and I ended up crying.  I did get a cuddle from the substitute King of Rock n Roll at that point but it got me thinking (a dangerous thing) as to how many of us when recording our family histories actually record trivial facts about ourselves such as what colour is our favourite, or where we had our best holiday, who is your favourite actor, etc.  When I get back I am going to compile a questionnaire to include some of these and add it to the downloadable section of the website templates.  Perhaps you could all think of three things to add to the questionnaire and e-mail me or tell me on Facebook etc.   I will also add the document to the files section of our Facebook page.

I would also at this point like to welcome any new OPC’s to the team.  I will update the vacancy file and who’s who when I get back from my holiday (did I mention I am going to Spain for 11 nights and not just to laze in the sun, I will be doing some cultural things too).  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do another blog page when I get back to let you know all the things you missed when I was away.  hahahahaha.

I know I try to keep the blogs as light hearted as I can but I must make reference to what is happening in our country and other places around the world at present.  Sadly it is a dangerous world we live in and maybe we don’t realise how much this is impacting on our every day lives.  We all know that death is inevitable and that we all have lost loved ones at some point.  To lose anyone close from what we perceive as natural causes is hard to endure but to lose someone in tragic and avoidable circumstances is beyond imagination.

Our thoughts and prayers must be for those families and friends of anyone who has lost their lives from this onslaught of terrorist attacks around the world that we have faced this past year.  In the UK we have seen three attacks in almost as many months where loss of life has been indiscriminate and aimed at the general public enjoying their leisure time or carrying out their daily employment.  We have also witnessed the unbelievable tragic tower block fire where many lives have been lost in the most horrific way we can think of.   I know we are not alone in experiencing such atrocities and heart-rendering events.  It does bring it home as to what other people around the world have experienced in recent history.








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