Monday 1st May 2017 – Wow It’s Been Quite A While

Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to any new followers.

I can’t believe that we are into May already – Next Month Grahame and I are off to Spain for 11 nights with a two night stopover in Newcastle before we fly out – am so excited.

Its also been nearly 3 months since the last blog – but I have been really busy on the site preparing and rebuilding etc. etc.

The big news is that the site has moved server and although the timing went a little off target all was well when the site was able to be accessed again.

Susan, Michael and I are now working together on ideas to rebuild the website (well Susan and Michael are doing the planning – I just give the thumbs up and put obstacles in their way or even worse new options to consider.  No need to worry though as this will be done offline so the disruption will be minimal and it is only at the think tank stage.   We will keep you informed as to progress but in the meantime we are still adding to the existing site on almost a daily basis.  For what is new or updated check out the Stats Section of the Website Home Page.  During April their were 297 new or updated items of which the majority were new submission.

The Poll Book for 1832 for the North of the County is complete thanks to the efforts of John Pope and the South is in the process of being done by Maureen Withey – I have several parishes ready to upload but they are in that never ending queue – we still have over 1000 items ready for preparing to upload from submitters – plus there must be nigh on 3000 plus items sitting in folders awaiting someone to look at them to see what we can achieve.  Christine Brooks is working away at a few sets of items such as VAD Volunteers and a few other things she has found but as you can imagine doing the same thing over and over becomes a bit tedious so we are always working on a few different items.  I am at present adding a few of the Wiltshire men who served in the Metropolitan Police have completed all with the surnames commencing A.   Christine Brooks very kindly reminded me that there about another 10,000 to do.

I am awaiting a delivery of a Poll Book I have purchased for 1705 we had found a few odd pages floating about on auction sites but the book itself soared out of reach of our budget, however it would seem other copies are available and someone (book dealer) has printed copies for sale so we managed to get it a bargain price.

I must thank Claire Wickham Young for doing a few look ups and taking copies of items for me when she visited the Record Office at Chippenham recently.   Sadly she didn’t have as much time as she had hoped but has promised to do more when she next visits.  If anyone else is planning a visit and would be willing to get copies of a few things please let me know either via e-mail or on Facebook page – to steal a well known saying – Every Little Counts.

Also I must personally thank Jean Strong who has given up her role as OPC for Cricklade so that the curator of the local museum in the parish could take up the role – so welcome to Pam Debenham.   It was Jean’s idea to get the curator involved and hopefully Jean will continue to contribute to the website in some other capacity.

Once again thank you everyone who is contributing to the website, only the other day I was in contact with a Bradford on Avon Town Council employee who was amazed at what as volunteers we have achieved and that is all thanks to everyone who gives up there time to do their bit.

So that’s it for now – and Carry on Regardless






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