First of 2017 – Very Busy

Hi all

I know its February but as its the first Blog of the New Year I hope everything is going as you all planned.

For those of you who are linked to Facebook you will know that a few days after Christmas I cam down with that dreadful lurgy, cough and cold but not detected on lungs or chest.  Its just about gone now but I had a few sleepless nights,  This however wasn’t a bad thing as I did some catching up on items for the site.  Again if you are on Facebook you will see what has been uploaded over the last few weeks.   You can also see what’s new and amended by visiting the home page of the website and going to the statistics section.

Sadly we have received news that Jean Barnwell is to step down from her parishes she will be missed as a team member.  Of course we wish Jean well in whatever she is planning in the future and we hope she still visits us often.  One of her parishes has been adopted by Brian Fisk and we look forward to his contribution in the future.

So welcome Brian.

As some of you will know the downloadable template section was getting really difficult to manage and equally difficult to find the template needed amongst the long list available.  I am slowly going through updating the templates where required and linking the template to the actual page next to the description of what the template should or could be used for.  Hopefully it won’t take long to complete but you never can tell in this job.

As many of you will know last year was not a good year with the loss of David Palmer (late 2015) and Jan Oliver in the summer of 2016.  Jan’s website is still online but there are no plans to add any new material.  I am still working through the items that she donated for other parishes like Ludgershall which is another big project.

I am happy to report though that the backlog is now down to Mid November and more items are being cleared daily of course I am still working on other things too such as voters lists, apprentices, doctors and the probate index to name a few.

If anyone can lend a hand as usual you know where to get hold of me.

Am looking forward to the summer since its not a Blackpool holiday this year for me (well maybe later in the year to celebrate my 60th birthday) but our main holiday is 11 nights in Salou – I am so excited about vising Barcelona and Tarragona.  Other half thinks its going to be a boozy clubbing holiday but I hate to burst his bubble

Anyway its great to be back in the swing of things now but please don’t pile stuff on me just yet let me catch up a little more.








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