1st December 2016 – Guess What?

Yep You got it – It’s the best month of the year – It’s CHRISTMAS TIME

You know I just love it – take a look at Facebook and you will see for yourself.   I am pleased to say that the decorations have been up since the 22nd of November – (a tribute to my dad) – the lights will now go on every night until 5th January and all will be packed away on the 6th.  I will then start planning for the next year (I know I am mad but I am still a kid at heart).


For anyone new to this blog once more I am going to publish the letter that I wrote from a family history researchers point of view to that jolly man dressed in red (sorry to those who have read it before)  A Genealogists Letter to Santa

At this time of year  I must praise every one from our Website Users to Webmasters, Administrators, OPCs, Transcriber, Contributors and anyone who has supported our endeavours to provide free information for everyone to use.   I am so proud to be part of the project and its truly amazing the amount of information we have on our pages.  I still have probably a thousand items still to upload and link but that just goes to show how busy everyone has been – I just wish I had the time and health to do more and get everything online quicker I know I keep saying it but things are getting a little better.

From me personally there are a few people who I have to thank for assisting me and being there for me when I went through a really frustrating few months with my health.  – I am not going to name you individually as you know who you are.

So for everyone here is an Advent Calendar for you – I will edit the blog daily to add a new day or you will open all the windows before Christmas and then Santa won’t come to you on Christmas Morning

1st December                  2nd December                  3rd December

4th December                5th December                    6th December

7th December                8th December                     9th December

10th December               11th December                  12th December

13th December               14th December                 15th December

16th December               17th December                 18th December

19th December                 20th December               21st December

22nd December               23rd December                24th December






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