October 23rd 2016 – Halloween Looms

Hi all

Have you missed me.  (Do not answer that)

I have been pretty busy this last few weeks.  Loading new materials, sorting a few parish pages , making sure everyone who wants to be involved with the project are in fact still active along with other duties such as cleaning, entertaining, shopping, preparing for Christmas (yes you heard right).  Plus I had been a little on the down side since my beloved Stoke City had not started the season that well.  Oh yes of course and selecting a hotel etc. for our holiday to Spain next year (first time abroad with my partner Grahame as he had a fear of flying.  Of course the fear is still there but he is determined to fly now especially as we would lose money now if he doesn’t).    We finally settled for the Oasis Park in Salou flying out of Newcastle and the end of June 2017.  It will be a great opportunity for me to spend a couple of days with family in Washington (Tyne & Wear) and catching up on recent family history (there have been several new additions to the tree to add over a few years which I must gather the dates for).

After the annual team review I am glad to say that we have retained most of the team and have gained one or two more donors and transcribers.  Just wish I could gain several more hours in the day but I am having to limit the amount of time I bash the keyboard as my hands are not working at 100% yet.  Am sure once the heating goes on more often I will be able to spend more time typing etc. as the warmth seems to make my hands and fingers more flexible.

Over the past few weeks thanks to John Pope prepping items for me we have been able to load quite a few Voting Lists for the South Wiltshire parishes for 1832.

At present I am prepping a churchyard survey for Colerne submitted by OPC Alison West which should go online by Sunday of next week.   John Pope has prepped a lot more items for upload which will go online over the next few days.  I feel a lot more positive about ow the web site is building again now, however I still have a really large back log of items which I am working through.  My own transcribing has been firmly put on the back burner for a while.

It seems really strange that Halloween is looming once more.  Sadly I have not had a chance to create any more compilations of spooky happenings in the county.  There is still a week to go though so may come up with one or two.





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