Thursday 8th September -Annual Team Review

Hi all

By now you should have all received an e-mail asking whether you wish to continue as part of the OPC team.  This is something I do every year as our lives change so does the amount of time and commitment you have available to other things.  The review is by no means meant to pressurise anyone into being active its just the opportunity to allow people the choice.  Personally I don’t wish anyone to quit the project as everyone has a role to play and their input no matter how small or large is a valuable resource.

Roger Jones, who is based in Amsterdam has decided to relinquish his parishes of Seagry and Stanton St. Quintin,  Roger is based in Holland and has been a member of the team since almost the very first incarnation about ten years ago.  His time and input has been invaluable, however he has promised to keep in touch with the project and will let us know of anything interesting he finds.

If you haven’t received the e-mail then please let me know if you wish to remain as OPC’s if by the 31st September I haven’t heard from you then I will assume you are either no longer interested or that communication has been lost and the parishes will be put back up for adoption.

As part of this review please also consider sending me a profile and photo – too many of you are far too shy and silhouettes are not flattering  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its good for users to put a face to the name.

At present the website is beginning once more to outgrow the facilities we use to create the site which you all contribute to and of which I am so so proud.   Susan and Michael Pearson are exploring new ways of moving forward and our at present working on the website platform to bring it up to date and certainly more admin friendly.

Richard Cresswell will I hope be able to work with Susan and Michael with ideas since he also has a background in web design.  I am a firm believer in making use of all available resources and am sure Susan and Michael will agree and welcome input from Richard.

Thanks to all who have so far replied to the e-mail 15 of us are so far remaining and no doubt over the next few days we will get more still willing to play their part.

By the way I forgot to mention its only just under 108 days to Christmas – if you don’t believe me take a look at the countdown clock



2 thoughts on “Thursday 8th September -Annual Team Review

  1. Dear Teresa, Many thanks for your seasonal reminder. Despite all my good intentions I have still not done much (if anything) on my Parish. True I have had some illness this past year (kidney stones in my case) but that is no excuse. I would be very reluctant to give up Odstock unless you have anyone else who is champing at the bit. If you are content for me to still be the OPC I am very happy to stay as such and pledge to do a little more this coming year.

    Alan >

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  2. Hi Teresa, Haven’t done much subscribing lately but still very happy to remain as OPC for Bower Chalke, Broad Chalke and Fifield Bavant. Best regards and thanks for everything you do. Jane

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