Sunday 28th August – Good and Sad News

Hi everyone

Sad News

Many of you will already know of the sad sudden death of former OPC Jan Oliver in June. Jan had been part of the OPC team from almost the beginning  of its inception.  Just over a year ago Jan decided to leave the project and set up her own website sadly asking us to remove all her personal work from her parishes.  Many people contributed to her pages over the years and her own research was phenomenal, often travelling from her home near Andover, Hampshire to the archives at Chippenham and visiting the parishes she had adopted forming many contacts and friendships over the years.  Hopefully her family will continue her work but at present it would seem from the number of enquiries I have received registration to access her work has been put on hold meaning that only registered users at the time of her death will be able to access the information. If this situation changes I will make you all aware should you wish to research her area of interest.   Other than her work on her own parishes she left me a wad of information and items for processing for other parishes which I have had to put on the back burner or at least in the queue of the thousands of items I have waiting to process.

Am sure you will all wish me to pass on our deepest sympathy to Jan’s immediately family which has been done.  Many have left their own condolences on Jan’s website 

Good News

Over the last few days Richard Cresswell has come forward to volunteer as Assistant Administrator.  Please make him welcome to the team.  Richard has a background in Web Development which is already proving beneficial to our website.  Hopefully Richard can assist Susan Pearson with background work as well as myself in the administration department.   Richard will slowly take over certain tasks that I do on a daily basis such as the Memorials days posting to Facebook and vetting new registrations to the website.  Am sure we will keep him busy but not to frighten him off am gently introducing him to the system.    So welcome to the team Richard your contribution is most gratefully received.

A New Idea

Sometimes I find it difficult to find something to blog about.  Therefore I thought why not ask our users, followers and team to volunteer to do a “Guest Blog”.  So if anyone want to give it ago – send me a message via the website, e-mail or Facebook and I will tell you how to submit the entry.   It can be on any subject you like that you feel our readers would appreciate to hear about.  But I am suspecting that anything to do with modern day sport would be a no-no since I have probably exhausted that donkey many times over.

Team Photographs and Profiles

Again I am appealing to you all as members of the OPC team whether Admin, OPC’s, transcribers or regular contributors – we love putting a face to the name.  If you haven’t done so already please send me a photograph and or a profile (see Meet the Team page of the blog for examples).  You can send them to me via e-mail and I will add them to the page

Hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you are and will say bye bye for now from a dismal West Coast of Scotland.




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