Wednesday 25th August – Drawing Breath

Hi all

Well obviously I have to start with mentioning my passion – yep Sport.  What an amazing achievement Team GB made with almost all of the athletes raising their game.  I cannot decided upon a favourite moment since their were so many incredible individual performances.  As a tennis fan Andy Murray’s retention of the gold was pretty special.  Mo Farah was emotional as were the cycling team.  I think the swimming with Adam Peaty winning his gold and setting a new world record was something pretty special.   Just too many great performances to decide from – make me so proud to be British.  Sadly Wiltshire wasn’t greatly represented this time round (as far as I am aware) with just Danny Talbot (Chippenham/Trowbridge) qualifying for Team GB in the 200 metres sprint sadly finishing third in his semi-final.  Ed McKeever from Bradford on Avon had won gold in 2012 in the Sprint Canoe/Kayak 200 metres sprint and his successor to Team GB retained that title with Liam Heath taking gold.   The most successful Wiltshire based Olympian this year was Astier Nicolas who took team gold and individual silver in the equestrian eventing competitions.  Astier trains and is based near Calne.

No more sport I promise apart from saying that my beloved Stoke City has started the season as we predicted  – average at best however there is another 10 months to go says me with that evil smily grin.  I can see you all now saying in unison OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Back to the website now.  I have not been shirking over the past month – Paul and I have still been busy loading and preparing items for the site.  Lots of new apprentice records are being added courtesy of transcriber Sue Brinson plus we still have thousands of items to load that have been steadily coming in.  All my own transcribing is now firmly on hold so I can concentrate on the backlog.  It takes time to format and check but am getting there.  Please keep sending items in though it will get loaded at some point.

As you know we had some parishes lose a lot of information when the owner of the information decided to move it to her own website.  I cannot seem to be able to access the new site and neither can some other users who have tried to join and over the last two months seem to have had no luck.  I have e-mailed the owner too and have not had any response.  I am just hoping that the lady concerned is well and that nothing untoward has happened.  As the new site needs registration to access the information  it would be a sad shame that all that information is locked away and no-one can access it for their own individual use.

One problem we have encountered over the past few weeks relates to our photo galleries.  For some unknown reason Google have removed their Picassa feature – for me personally this was an ideal way for us us to show off the thousands of photographs we have for the county – being able to display them in individual galleries depending on the parish and subject.  Any gallery created prior to the changeover seems to be fine however new galleries do not have the facility to show images with a label attached – obviously if the image is of a church in a new gallery it will be obvious from the fact its in a named gallery with the name of the church in it will give people a clue as to what they are looking at.  However if we add a new people gallery to a parish then as you browse through it won’t let you know who the people in the photo are.  If you get my meaning.  Never mind we are looking into the problem and have bombarded Google with the issue.

In the meantime I am rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in with preparing more new additions to items on the parish pages.

One thing more it 4 months to CHRISTMAS hehehehehehehehe.




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