Monday 25th July -Me Again

Hi all

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer or winter depending where you are in the world.  I know that in some parts of the UK you have been melting in very high temperatures.  We have had one really warm day when the temp reached about 29 degrees but after that it has been a very damp squid of a time.  Although between downpours have managed to get washing dry.

Firstly need to thank all our members who have submitted items for loading to the website.  I am still in catch up mode but am really trying hard to get the items onto the parish pages.  It still takes a lot of time to reformat some items but most people are now sending the items in the correct font etc which saves heaps of time and therefore I can get to loading items that much quicker.

Recently I have had several members e-mail to say that they have not received a reply to enquiries where an OPC is in place.  I presume this is because many of you do not log into the site on a regular basis or perhaps are not checking their junk mail for potential messages left for you on the site.

I can’t believe that it is nearly August already one more month and I will be doing my regular site check up to see who wishes to continue with the project etc.  I have now stopped using the Do.It Volunteer Group for potential OPCs as I have found that some have just used the project to comply with job search requirements.

I am currently working on the backlog of submissions and have put aside any of my own parish research and transcribing.  Of course I was sidetracked by Wimbledon and the Davis Cup and other sporting events.  There is a gap at the moment before the Olympics commence and of course the return of my beloved Stoke City for the 2016/2017 football season.  There are still lots of transcribing projects to be allocated and parishes for adoption.  So if anyone is at a loose end and can do just a little that will be a great help especially when I have caught up.    I am still looking for admin assistants too.  To help with the preparation of documents for upload.  Paul is doing a grand job when he is not partying !!!!!!!!!!! (Just kidding Paul).

Just had a really wonderful surprise – a friend of Ruth Appleby (one of our members) put me in touch with a friend of hers Anne O’Gorman who very kindly purchased a book for me of photographs from the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette and posted it to me – and to my astonishment the front cover features a photo of my sister Dawn Topp as she was then as one of the Bathing Belles in the Devizes Carnival of 1960.  The book is worth every penny available here

Anyway continue to have a fun doing whatever you are doing and no matter where you are stay safe.






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