Sunday 26th June – How Time Flies

Hi all

Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world.  Here in Scotland we have had some beautifully warm weather.  Yesterday we did get a real deluge but not half as bad as some places in the south have it.

Personally I am enjoying the summer of sport my beloved Wales doing really well in the European Championships, England still in with a chance.  I am also thrilled to have seen Shaquiri for Switzerland score a fabulous goal (hope he can reproduce that for Stoke this coming season) and of course Stoke are represented elsewhere in the championships so will be watching the Ireland team closely hoping they too can progress.  Heaven forbid though if it comes down to an England v Wales final.  I would have to be sat firmly on the fence.

Less of football cos there is also Wimbledon and the Olympics to keep me occupied as well as the website.

I am glad to say that I have found a new lease of life again for the website uploads and seem to be getting through quite an armful daily on the backlog.  I have put my transcribing projects on the back burner for a while to try and catch up.  I am very grateful though for the items still coming in and many thanks to the new transcribers that have joined us recently.  Again thanks to Paul for his assistance in getting the items onto the the website by linking everything I throw at him it really does save me some time.

We are currently adding lots of bits of information transcribed by Maureen Withey – Maureen is amazing at finding newspaper snippets and photographs that we can add to our galleries thus adding to many of the parishes that have no OPC to add material to them.  Of course if she finds something interesting for a parish with cover she still transcribes that so if you haven’t checked your parish in a while then there may be some new material there.

I have recently completed the addition to several parishes some new Inquisitions Post Mortem.  Jodi Fuller transcribed these.  For anyone uncertain of what these are – they are record of land transfers after death to an heir or a widow.  They are a good source for ascertaining what land was in an individuals possession at the time of their death and of course naming the next of kin.  It can also be a source of confirming if an individual survived his or her spouse.  You will find these mostly published under the Probate section on each page.

Thankfully my recent illness seems to in the main be under control and I do seem to have much more energy.  I am enjoying the website work again which I hadn’t really realised was beginning to flounder not because of my love of the project but because I always felt so ill and not able to concentrate on it.

Good news too that Susan and Michael Pearson are getting ready to update and hopefully improve the site.  Already they are experimenting with a few new features.

One of these comes via our facebook page we are now encouraging our users to add their surname interests to the documents section on that page.  Some have already added their interests so if you haven’t done so take a quick look.  You can also use it to add that brickwall problem – who knows someone might have the answer.

Signing off from what is now looking quite a dull day in Scotland weather wise – time to go rescue the dry washing I think.




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