21st May 2016 -Lots to Impart

I hope you don’t think I have abandoned the diary/blog – I have just been busy with one thing or another.

Firstly you will be pleased to know that the football season is over so you won’t be seeing me post on Facebook and other places my frustrations about my beloved Stoke City – who in fact finished 9th again for the third season in a row – Oh if only we had done better at the start and end of the season who knows we may have had an early start to next season (we might have been in Europe).  Sorry if this news leaves you deflated but you have now a few months of footie free blog posts until England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire take to the Euro field soon.  Bad news is tennis and athletics seasons are with us.

Secondly I am beginning to catch up with the back log (still I hear you say) but you have submitted so much material that we just can’t keep up even with offers of help to format etc.  It still takes a lot of time.  But we are getting there.  Again I must ask before submitting lists of names etc please check if there is a template which will make my life a lot easier.  Plus if you are submitting photographs if you could resize them to 640 x 480 pixel size (this can be done easily with several programmes including Microsoft Office).  All this information is available in the notes and guidelines and there are pre formatted templates that can be used and adapted for most things

I had gained quite a head of steam with catching up on the submissions until I started having a bout of what I thought was indigestion.  The pain became unbearable which saw me admitted to A & E with suspected Gall Stones – glad to say nothing wrong there or anywhere else visible on a very thorough ultrasound scan of the upper abdomen.   Blood tests showed a viral infection so they now think it was viral gastritis which with anti-biotics seems to be receding but I know now not to suffer in silence and self diagnose – off to the docs I shall go at the first sign of persistency.

Any way less about me and my illnesses and excuses.  I am beginning to get back into the swing.

At this point I would like to welcome to our team Diane Lafeber who has bravely taken over the parish of Tisbury and Wardour – a daunting task.  We also welcome Tony Horne who has joined us as OPC for Grittleton and Alison West who has taken up the reins at Colerne.  We wish them a very successful and fruitful time in the roles and certain I and everyone of us thanks them for their interest.

I would also like to thank those people who are sending me information for many other of the parishes Maureen Withey sends me masses for parishes she is not OPC for as and when she finds it -so much so that I have about 1000 items in the pipeline from her alone.  Plus recently we have been introduced to St. Phobus school in Salisbury by Tim Walker who very kindly has shared some of his memories as a pupil there.  And of course we must thank John Pope who is painstakingly working his way through the Swindon directory of 1928 so kindly copied by Nigel Chalk.

Of course everyone plays a part submitting items for their own parishes and to be fair am working through them on a date received system.

Please don’t hold back on submitting new items – but please be patient with me and Paul we will get to them eventually.

Just for you information the following events will take place over the next few months – these may be of interest to some of you.  Those marked with an asterisk are venues where Wiltshire Family History Society are due to have a stall

22 May Newton Abbott Family & Local History Day, Newton Abbott Racecourse*
11 June Romany & Traveller FHS Society Day, Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
18 June Wiltshire FHS Open Day, Steam, Swindon*
23 July Buckinghamshire FHS Open Day, Aylesbury*
13 August Liddiard Family Gathering, Aldbourne, Wilts*
16 September Henry De Bohun Heritage Festival, Trowbridge Civic Centre
24 September Bristol & Avon FHS Fair, UWE, Bristol This event has been cancelled
1 October Oxfordshire FHS Open Day, Woodstock*
8 October Glamorgan FHS Open Day, Merthyr Tydfil
5 November West Surrey FHS Fair, Woking Leisure Centre*






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