Saturday 16th April – New Spurt of Interest

Hope you all had a good Easter and are now looking forward to all those Summer activities such as holidays and sporting events such as the Olympics and Wimbledon and the Euro Football Finals.  I love my sport as many will know, I even get excited about cricket.  My passions though are Tennis, Athletics, and Football – so am going to be in seventh heaven this summer.  We have even cancelled our annual trip to Blackpool because we will be glued to the TV.  However October time we think we may head to Wales to see my daughter and take the opportunity of popping over to Wiltshire for a couple of days – Grahame we happily sit in a pub for a few hours whilst I head to wherever I wish to go.  My daughter will hopefully come with me as she does have a little interest but no time to spare with her being a very busy chef.

On the subject of busy, Paul Vivash and myself have been busy trying to catch up on some of the outstanding items we have in the queue.  We managed to prepare and load over 300 items so far this month so am beginning to get my act together and doing so hard work. Maureen Withey has helped too by formatting some bmd’s ready for loading some of which have replaced older and less accurate files.

I have also decided that being at home all day everyday was not giving me the will to give so much time to our project – so I have started up a local family research group in my local library which after just two 2 hour sessions has 9 members.  One lady is going to help me at home preparing items for our site so there was method in my madness.

I have also started transcribing West Knoyle marriages from microfiche for 1838 onwards which will be new to our site.  I am soon to take delivery of that elusive fiche reader I have been after for several years – then I can work a lot quicker on transcribing from home.

Also good news for us is that Ancestry are working with the Wiltshire record office to digitalise parish records in their keeping – so we won’t need to buy the fiche copies once all are online we can work from the images online  – am really excited.

Christine Brooks is still working on the VAD volunteers of WWI for the whole of the county – so we shall have more of those added soon too.

So for now – thanks again to all who have submitted items and are still waiting patiently for them to appear on the site – I am working on the pile but there has been so much.

Bye Bye until the next blog.




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