Friday 25th March – Beginning of Easter

Hi all

First of all let me wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Happy Easter
From Us All at the OPC Project


Easter is no longer a busy time for me socially speaking all the children are now grown and flown the nest and we no longer buy Easter Eggs for everyone.  We do still treat the children to a small egg each but their parents limit the intake of sweet stuff so instead we will all meet for a family meal on Monday at a local eatery.

This made me remember the old days when villages would hold an Easter Parade where people would walk to church in their finest outfits or “Sunday Best”.  Some parades involved dressing up in fancy dress and decorating floats to celebrate the festival.   Others carried on the tradition of performing the Passion Play and others the Journey of Jesus to Calvary bearing his own crucifixion cross and wearing the crown of thorns.

Easter Parade 1925042
This is an Easter Parade somewhere in Wiltshire date unknown 

For many if not most of us those days are long gone and the religious aspect of the festival has been overtaken by the commercial.


Well onto more modern day happenings web site wise Easter is normally a busy time for me as I seem to be able to get a lot more done – apologises to anyone who has been waiting a long time for their submissions to go online – there is a long backlog am afraid – still working on items submitted Mid January onwards.  If I could remind you all if submitting items please use the templates where possible and if submitting word documents please use font Arial and size 10 for main body of text.  Headings can be made to stand out a little more preferable in Arial 12 up to 18.  The main reason for this is the conversion to PDF format which is what is linked to the site.  Conversion makes the font appear a lot bigger so a font of 12 ends up being huge and in some cases unsightly as the larger font heading then dominate.  Also it would help if the actual item is submitted with a footer containing the words ©Wiltshire OPC Project/(Year)/(Transcriber).  If you could lay out the page with a suitable image at the top that would help too.   Finally if the document submitted could be named – eg.  Devizes – Three Accused of Assault on Publican 1895.  Sorry to be such a pain but it really will help speed things on a bit. So thank you all for your co-operation.

At present I am putting finishing touches to the Bradford On Avon Casualty Biographies for both world wars – Andrew Thomson has done the bulk of the work for me and I am adding bits of information I have found from other sources.  It is a large project but will be worth the effort in the end – Bradford on Avon has so many different war memorials to gather names from and the town lost so many brave men and women in both conflicts.

Once again I would like to thank Paul Vivash and Maureen Withey especially for assisting with the linking of items to the site and helping with the preparation of documents for loading.  Also I cannot believe the amount of stuff OPC’s, transcribers and researchers and other members of the site are submitting.

In between all this I am taking part in an online course for genealogy in two weeks I have learnt a lot as well as recapped on things I already knew but had forgotten.  I am also in negotiation with a local source to get hold of a microfiche reader so items I hold on fiche can be transcribed.  I am setting up a small group in my local library in April and hopefully I could get someone interested enough to help out by transcribing for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I could donate more of my time to loading the items to the site that others have done.

Who knows I can dream ……………………………..

Until the next time enjoy your flowers and choccies and hopefully next time I can report back having caught up a lot more on the backlog.



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