Saturday 5th March -Mad as a March Hare

That’s me folks.  Well that is what many think.  Hahahaha.

This weeks ramblings are off the cuff and unplanned as there is not a lot going on website wise.

I am still plodding away with formatting and preparing submissions for upload but having learnt a lesson fairly recently that its quality and not quantity that matters.  Items need checking for errors (not many I am pleased to report) but even the professionals make mistakes and some really glaringly obvious.  For example many reports of the murder of Sergeant Enos Molden, which I have recently added to pages where the officer was serving in his career, have the burial place as Christchurch, Warminster, however James Parsons discovered the grave to be in the Minster Churchyard of St. Denys.

Have been working on the General Medical Council Registrations and just completed the Wiltshire extracts for 1871 and am now ready to go searching for the 1875 (registers published online for every four years).  Christine Brooks in between bouts of illness has submitted several British Red Cross Volunteer Aid Detachments Records.

Having mentioned Christine, as a team we all send our best wishes and hope your recent hospital stay will be the start of you getting your health back on an even keel, so get well soon.

Not sure how many of you have access to the 1939 register which on a personal level I have found really disappointing as I have found nothing I didn’t already know, I am planning to work through slowly adding as many relevant entries to parish pages as I can.  This will be another long ongoing project.

Once more I mention the vacancies and transcribing projects that are still available if anyone has some time to spare.

For anyone interested you can get a months subscription to the British Newspaper Archive for just £1.00 if you sign up and use code FLASHMARCH.  This is a handy resource because you can access newspapers not yet released to those available on Find My Past.

I must also make a special mention to John Corfield who managed to get some media interest in our project when he was featured this week in an article about his Staverton research.  John is now hoping to gather information for the page from the work of Pete Lavis who was a local author and historian so fingers crossed and we wish him every success in his quest.

On a personal level full time whistles have been blown in the footie today and needless to say I am a very happy Stokie at the moment.

Until I get bored again and feel the need to witter – I’ll leave you all in peace.





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