Saturday 13th February – Happy Times

As many of you who know me well or are connected to me on Facebook you would have noticed that after six years apart (long story which would probably bore you into stop reading from this point in) that my daughter now aged 19 came to stay for a week.  It was amazing for me as the last time I saw her was when she was just about to have her thirteenth birthday.  Now she is all grown up and is very lucky to work as a commis chef at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.  It was an emotional week and its not going to be another 6 years before I see her again.

All this got me thinking of those relatives we keep saying we must look up and keep in contact with for many reasons even if they are very distantly related or on the other side of the world.  We all have good intentions but how many of us actually make contact – I know I don’t and I should.  Sometimes I think well perhaps they should contact me.  Other times I think I wonder if they even know I exist but still I fail to take that step of initial contact.

At one point I contacted as many Henly/Henley surnamed people on Facebook as I could with not much response (maybe they thought OMG another nutter messaging me out of the blue) but I did find one or two distant cousins but we don’t really correspond and with the ease of media and technology I feel ashamed.   Being a family historian you would think I would have hundreds of family contacts sadly even though I have a huge extended family this is not the case.  I have even lost count of how many nephews and nieces and great nephews and nieces I have.  This is something I must put right and start asking those people that I am in contact with to fill me in on missing details.

Photos are another problem – I get really jealous when I see people posting wonderful photos from as far back as the early 20th century.  Sadly I have none that old apart from those I purchased  off e-bay for the project and sadly we don’t know who the subjects are.

It really makes me sad now to think that future generations will not be inclined to physically hold a photo taken in this day and age since most are digital and seem to get lost amongst the collections of each and every one of us.

One thing though I seem to have a new lease of life web site wise and am getting through that backlog at quite a steady pace.  Have now uploaded the Swindon and District Directories as far as parishes commencing the letter M.  I have also uploaded several Red Cross Volunteer Records.  Check the list of new items tomorrow when I publish the most recent updates and new items list.

Until the next time – and I hope this edition may prompt someone to get in touch with someone new.




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