Sunday 17th January – Plodding On

Firstly am going to announce that this blog is going to be rescheduled to a monthly thing – 3rd Sunday of each month.  The reason for this is time and lack of viewings although I still believe it’s a worthwhile task even if only a handful of people read it.

January is a slow month but I am being kept busy with all the items sent in that have been on hold for loading.  At present am working on adding all the Swindon Year Book entries that John Pope has painstakingly transcribed.  All takes its time though and only a few a day are being added – so far we are at the parishes commencing F.  In amongst this I am busy transcribing items for pages and not just for my own parishes.  over the next few days I will be working on Quaker births, Coroners Bills, Churchyard Surveys and more parishes extracted from the Falstone Day Book which Jodi Fuller transcribed on behalf of Dot Gurd.

The day book is a snapshot of the Commonwealth Period (Cromwell) and the taxes levied upon the Royalists (as with most taxes way too high and unfair).

So until February I shall take my leave and hope you continue to have a happy and productive new year.


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