3rd January 2016 – Happy New Year


2015 – The Year in Review

2015 has been an up and down year for the website with some happy and sad times and some major changes to the admin team.   The the first half of year started well with over 2700 new and updated items added to the website.  June saw our Website Owner and Webmaster Susan Penter marry our technical adviser Michael Pearson may 2016 bring them all they wish for themselves as a couple.  The second half of the year was less of an happy affair with two of our major contributors leaving the website, this left several parishes without an OPC and sadly some material was withdrawn.  However the team rallied and another 2100 plus items were added or updated.  Thanks to all who helped out and added new items to keep up the input.  We still have many items to add for the new year and thanks to OPC Paul Vivash volunteering to assist with the upload of items Teresa Lewis has been able to spend more time preparing documents for upload and transcribing and researching for the site herself.  Sadly after the early annual checks to make sure OPC’s were still active for the site Diane Vose OPC for Edington decided to relinquish he parish due to work commitments.  Diane is a photographer with a major Wiltshire newspaper and for our Facebook followers you may see some of her work published there.  At the same time we lost one or two other OPC’s who were unavailable to contribute further.  During 2015 health issues caused some of the team to slow down, Susan Pearson, Jodi Fuller and Christine Brooks all suffered with different problems which was frustrating for them all, we wish them all a better 2016 and hope that they start to feel a lot better during 2016.  Finally in December we were contacted by the daughter of OPC and Census Co-ordinator David Palmer, who had sadly passed away his input will be missed tremendously over the coming months.

Our wish for you all in 2016 is that you continue to find our site useful and that we can provide that missing piece of information that will bring those brick walls a-tumbling in abundance.  For the web site itself we wish it further success with more volunteers joining the team and more contributors of items they wish to share.




Also today the third January we wish OPC Jodi Fuller a very happy birthday


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