Sunday 29th November – Not much going on

Hi all – it’s nearing that time of year when I have to slow down due being one of Santa’s Little Helpers so not a lot is happening with the website.  I do have loads of material to sort and load but it takes so much time and I am suffering really badly with arthritis in my hands (brought on by the cold).  Enough of my sorry state.

Good news is that Paul Vivash is helping out by linking items for loading from the holding site to the website and he is also checking links for anything I load too.

Christine is still working hard on the Christmas newsletter but it may be delayed for a week or so.   I think also that Christmas quiz will be abandoned due to lack of time available to us volunteers.

If anyone has nay projects on the go – please be sure to add them to the in progress list – and if anyone is thinking of transcribing something please check to see if it’s in hand already as I have had a few duplications of effort over the past week or so.   If you don’t know how to add to the list let me know and I will add them  – the current list can be found here

To update this list you need to log in to the back end of the website and select Components and K2 – in the search box type transcript and the file will appear as a link ready for opening and amending




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