Sunday 15th November – I Know I Know Halloween Part III Not Posted

Hands up I just did not have the time to complete Part II but I will just so it is a complete record.

Obviously Christmas is our next priority.  Am sure Christine Brooks will have that newsletter ready for the beginning of December !!!!!!! (Hint Hint).  Not sure I will have time to do a Christmas Quiz but will try.

The admin posts within the team are still available apart from the Census Co-Ordinator which is working really well under the guidance of David Palmer.

Personally am busy busy busy preparing lots of bits and pieces to add to various pages of the website.  If you want to know what has been added or updated check the November Uploads link on the home page of the website.   To be honest am pretty pleased with the progress since its been such a hectic time lately.

This week we feature team member Alan Pollard who is OPC for Odstock

Pollard, Alan - OPC for Odstock - Copy

OPC PROFILE – Alan Pollard

Next Week I shall try and put up some pics to get us in the Xmas mood


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