25th October 2015 – There just isn’t enough days in the week OPC speaking

Hi all

Hope you are all well and getting ready for the very busy holidays/festivals coming up over the next two and half months – there is always a celebration somewhere in the world but October through to January seems loaded on that front.

I can think of a few things coming up like Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, personally I have a Status Quo concert to attend early in December, then there is some three to four day event (the name of which escapes me at present) but something in the back of my mind sees this Administrator getting very excited and lots of red and gold things appear in her living room and then of course we have the new year to look forward too.  It seems incredible that we are looking to another new year in just over two months time.

I know we shouldn’t advertise but you will forgive me for this and I hope Eileen doesn’t mind, but one of our OPC’s, Eileen Barnett is a very good artist and over the last few months has been busy creating hand painted Christmas Cards and gift tags.  I can highly recommend her products Susan & Michael’s wedding celebration card was one of her creations and she produced an amazing birthday card for my partners mother.  So if you want something special for a loved one for any occasion you can contact her either via our website from the drop down contact us menu or via Facebook.  She has a gallery of the products she has available.

Now as you will recall I promised you a spooky tale or two for Halloween.  However time has been against me and I have not been able to put anything grand together plus there is so much material I could use its difficult to choose therefore I have decided to work on something and bring next weeks blog forward to Friday and it will all be Spooky – however to whet the appetite here are a few tales from my own little parish of Worton.

There doesn’t seem to be many tales from the villages of hauntings apart from the odd one or two.

A lady who lived at Poulshot was the organist at Christchurch, Worton. Every Sunday she would cycle to the church passing Mr. Simpson somewhere on her route who was cycling from Marston to Poulshot since he played the organ for the church there. One Sunday evening one of the parishioners commented to the lady about the sad news of Mr. Simpsons very recent death. The lady replied that it was impossible as she had just passed him on his bicycle as usual.

Another tale was in the early sixties when my brother had returned to the village on army leave. He had taken the Bodman’s bus from Devizes (the railway station I think was still open then) and arrived back in the village early evening. The bus didn’t venture to the Marston end of the village so my brother walked down past the church taking the path that led down over the weir down to Mill Road Cottages on the Worton/Marston border. As he passed the church he saw a lady tending a grave near to the gates of the church. As he approached the lady, he spoke saying good evening and a few steps further he stopped in his tracks. Something didn’t feel right about what he had seen – he turned with no sign of the lady. He walked up to the grave she was tending and although he describes the lady as having a bunch of flowers in her hands there were none on the grave. He later described the lady as wearing a brown over coat something like Jane Austen would have worn with a bonnet of the same period style. Whether this be a true story or not my brother was very pale when he arrived at the cottage and couldn’t speak for several minutes.

The above story could be linked to this one. Dick Nutland while resident at The Grange during the 1960’s glimpsed a shadow or form of a body in a long cloak standing in the driveway. The apparition disappeared whilst Dick was trying to position himself to get a better view. he Grange is not too far from the churchyard where my brother saw his lady.

Another strange tale from Dick was that a tramp approached him and Dick said he was on his way to Devizes. The man asked for a lift and Dick dropped the man off just outside the town. Before moving away from the car the man said “If ever a certain cottage in the village comes on the Market buy it because their is gold coins buried beneath the flagstone in the scullery”. The cottage has been sold many times over Dick hasn’t named the cottage but wonders often if the story is true and wonders more about how the “man of the road” knew of the property in the first place.

Local lads used to think that the way to the Plough Inn. Marston was haunted and one evening on their way back (not helped obviously by their beer drinking) saw what they thought was a ghost heading into the withey beds towards the river past the church. It was really a goat owned by villager Albert Ellis which had escaped its tether and had got entangled in a sheet from the clothes line when it made its escape, sheet and all with its chain clanking behind it.

So until Friday rest well because after that your imagination may run riots with the tales I have to tell.


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