18th October 2015 – Census and Quizzes

Have you all been feeling a little neglected over the past two Sundays – well again am not going to spend too much time waffling on. – too busy.

Firstly I need a volunteer to feature in the “Get to Know the Team Feature”.  Questionnaire available from me on request if you can’t find it elsewhere.

Secondly – I still have far too many silhouettes on the Team page so if you haven’t done so and are willing to then please send me a pic doesn’t have to be recent.  I know some of you are shy and wish to remain in the shadows so to speak and I understand that – but I know there are those of you our there that are not shy.  Of course many of you may not use social media and don’t wish too I respect that too.

Next – Would anyone like to set a quiz for publication on the website for the Christmas period – it should cover general family history as well as the parishes and county of Wiltshire.    See a few of the examples on the site already for ideas if you feel like a challenge.

Lastly I would like to thank David Palmer who has taken on the mantle of census coordinator.  Within a day or so of taking on the role David presented me with a fabulous spreadsheet of every parish’s census status.  He has listed which census returns have been completed and is now forming a programme to proceed.

He has suggested that where an OPC is in place then they could transcribe the census for their own parishes.  If anyone needs copies of the enumerators pages then I can supply them.

He is then going to prioritise the parishes with no OPC and if I understand correctly he will commence with the larger parishes for the more accomplished transcriber and the smaller parishes for those who haven’t transcribed much in the past.

Overall I think the plan is a really good one.

Next week am going to find some spooky Wiltshire tales to feature in the blog ready for Halloween


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