4th October 2015 – Short and Sweet

Am really busy uploading new items, tidying pages and rebuilding vacated parish pages so not got much time for the blog this week.

We did announce that we would re-launch the newsletter at the end of September but Christine has decided that an end of November relaunch is better for us as it will include Christmas items. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking of Christmas time to get the deccies out to check and I have my turkey crown in the freezer already for the big day.

I know its only October but my Xmas starts here and now.  Jingle bells, jingle bells , tadadadadadadada.


2 thoughts on “4th October 2015 – Short and Sweet

  1. That’s why there is a permanent Xmas shop in Irvine.

    It’s really sad (not Teresa) that my local Department Store as put up a Christmas display in one of its windows today – maybe a firework will hit it – only 91 days to go, oh god heaven help us!

    John Pope


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