27th September 2015 – Autumn Chills After Summer Sun (Poetic License)

As the title suggests its getting rather chilly up here in the Highlands (well West Coast of Scotland really).  We didn’t get too much Summer sun either.  Why am I relating to the weather and seasons you may ask – but it is relevant in the fact that the amount of submissions I receive to add to the website varies from season to season – of course we must take into account the fact that many of our OPC’s, Transcribers and Donors live in the Southern Hemisphere so the seasons are always opposite to that in the UK.

During the spring people start to get out and about so we get sent in lots of photographs (technology is great as you can go out and not have to carry cumbersome camera equipment to get a picture these days just a mobile phone does the job)  During Summer things slack off a little as people enjoy their holidays and spend time with their families.  Autumn things starts to get busier as the nights draw in and people find time to transcribe a little more.  And winter time is about the same as autumn with the exception of December and January what with Christmas Festivities and New Year Celebrations.  Spring comes around again and the cycle goes on.

We still get a steady stream of new and updated items though so its all good.  At this point I apologise for the delay in loading items sent in I try to balance loading what has been submitted in between site maintenance and transcribing myself.  Sometimes my own parishes get neglected for months at a time.

I have an eccentric system in place – I have a diary which I list everything I am working on or need to look at.  As I finish one item its then removed or if a lengthy project (of which there are several) I work on it for an hour or so and then it drops to the bottom of the list again.  In between this I have a list of all the submitters and I alternate between the diary and the submitters items which then get loaded en masse.  Also I have a folder on the pc with items I find that can be used as transcription material so as one item is completed from the diary then another is added from the   “To Be Done” done folder.

That probably makes no sense at all to you all but I know what I am doing.

Still a few OPC’s have not confirmed their willingness to remain.  There is only a 4 more days before I do the follow ups and then a week after that I shall presume that the interest from some has died off.

Sadly we have lost Cathy Sedgwick her input will be a big loss but the door is always open.

Right thats me for this week – am off to get warm – ghost corner (the nickname for my computer desk area) is like the arctic circle this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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