20th September 2015 – The OPC Week

Not a lot to report this week – just very busy loading, transcribing and sorting parishes.  I do feel an achievement when I get to archive a file as complete or I move on to the next item on my list of thousands.

At this point I must thank Jane Dick and Liz Corfield for adding so many dates to the soldiers memorials on the home page calendar.  It is so sad to see so many names listed on one day, it brings home the losses and sadness the county encountered and also the part the county played in the training of so many thousands of young men in and around Salisbury Plain.  Of course we haven’t added all the dates yet from all the parishes.  Its not just the names on the village war memorial being added – we are adding the men buried in the parish from other areas of the world plus those with a connection to the parish.  If anyone has a little time to research basic information for some of the men parishes we would love to hear from you.

Normally I change the main image on the home page each month but this month I changed it mid term as I found a recruitment poster for sportsmen  featuring Rugby Union and since the Rugby World Cup is being played out on our shores this month and during October I thought it would be an appropriate image to portray.   Many lost their lives for their country so remembering them is just a small gesture on our part.

WWI Recruitment Posters - Rugby

If someone who hasn’t already done so send in a pic and a profile for next week I would be grateful.


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