Sunday 6th September – Autumn is beginning to set in

Firstly I apologise for being a little negative last week – things happen and I feel bad about them.  On reflection I should not feel bad when things beyond my control set in.

Last week I sent out the annual e-mail requesting all still interested in the project to let me know if they wish to continue and have had many replies.  We have one new potential parish adoption but am waiting for confirmation.  I have had one person swap parishes.  I have had one person resign due to work commitments.  On this note we wish Diane Vose every success in her career as photographer with the local newspaper.  Diane was one of the first OPC’s to join the team as OPC for Edington when Susan Pearson first set up the project for Wiltshire.

For those who have still to decide – you have until the end of the month to let me know if you wish to continue after that will contact you all once more and if I do not hear from you for one week after that I will assume you are no longer interested.  Of course this is not a fail safe way of going about things as some of you may have changed your e-mail addresses and not received the annual e-mail.  If this is the case then there is little I can do (e-mails are taken from the site registration and from my own contact list).

This week we feature Sandy Mursell – OPC for Bramshaw and Landford with Earldoms  in the  beautiful New Forest near the Hampshire border.

Mursell, Sandy - OPC for Bramshaw & Landford with Earldoms

Read about Sandy Mursell and her interests here

As you are probably aware the Soldiers Memorials Calendar on the website home page is beginning to fill up fast – Many thanks to Jane Dick and Liz Corfield who are adding new dates almost everyday.  It is so sad to know that the list is such a long one and we have only scraped the surface with many more parishes and men to research and add.  If anyone would like to research some of the names on their parish memorials let me know and will send you an example of the short biographies that we have done already as a template.  The biography doesn’t need to be in depth (its good to leave some research for interested family).

Bye now until next week when I am sure I will have another volunteer to feature – won’t I peeps that are shy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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