16th August 2015 – Site Tidy Up

Hi OPC World

At the OPC Project we don’t have a spring clean – we have an all round year create, fix and improve policy.  Or that is how the admin team have a united vision.  (You know what’s coming next don’t you).  Yep give yourselves a gold star for guessing right.  We have posted a new set of page layout requirements.  Management would appreciate that these are now used.  General tidy ups will take place as and when we get to a parish that needs sorting but it would make it easier for us all if the guidelines are followed.  That’s my serious bit over and done with.

I have ran out of profiles to add so this week you get me, moi and I.

Teresa Lewis

That photo was taken ten years ago before I got involved with the OPC Project.  You wouldn’t want to see one of me in today’s guise.  Let’s just say I could walk into a role with the roly poly’s without an audition – walk is laughable it would be a limped waddle after my ankle break nearly 2 years ago.

Anyway a bit about me – I currently live in Ayrshire, Scotland but was born in Worton a village a few miles from Devizes.  I was raised by my aunt and uncle (long story) and we moved to Newport, Monmouthshire (Gwent) when I was about 6 or 7.  I got involved in family history about 19 years ago when my then father-in-law asked me to make a note of all his brothers and sisters names and birth dates (13 of them).  The lovely man had suffered a stroke but his mind and memory was as sharp as well forged sword.  A few months after his death I came across that list and the rest is history.  I joined the local Family History Society and embarked on a war memorial project with another member – a labour of love that took 6 years to complete.  Every Monday we would visit a parish and record the names of military graves and war memorial plaques (we didn’t have digital cameras and mobile phones to photograph anything) all was recorded into notebooks and then we would research these in the days before our next Monday trip.  Eventually we felt we could do no more and published our findings on CD.  Ten years on it is still selling at FHS fairs.  After that I found the start of the Wiltshire OPC website and made contact with Susan Penter now Pearson.  The web site has developed much since those days as Susan and I learnt more by trial and error in most cases.  Now we have a fabulous resource and loads of wonderful contributors.

My main personal interests are in the surnames of Henly and its derivations and Topp.  The latter is causing me a massive headache and is a brick wall I cannot seem to demolish.  I envy some of you who live in Wiltshire or near to it and can access the record office.  When in Newport it was just an hour on the train to get to Trowbridge, I keep trying to persuade my partner to have a holiday in the old county but he wouldn’t enjoy it much.  Although am sure he would love all that west country cider that would be available.  Me, I would forsake the voddie and coke for the odd pint of Wadworths 6X. !!!!!!!!!!! Of course after I had had a good old wander around the lovely churches I get to.

The web site has become a full time job for me, am not complaining because I would be at a loss for something to keep my mind active although sometimes I think I should take a step back.  But I have this feeling that I will eventually go down with my ship.  Who knows the afterlife may be confirmed and they will have computer technology so I can continue after my earthly shroud has been filed away. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway less of my dreams of immortality – work do continue.  Until next time …………………………………………………….


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