9th August 2015 – Just a Quickie

Just to let you all know that I have not abandoned the blog.

I am just having a very busy time of it and something has to give.

I have spent all day yesterday installing a new PC with Windows 10 and so far am pretty well impressed.  It took some time saving the whole of the website items from the old PC and re-installing to the new.  Plus of course there was all my personal information.

Anyway all seems well and I am ready to get busy again.

The good news in having a new PC is the fact that it has a faster processor and it has much more storage 2 terrabytes plus my external drive gives us another terrabyte of storage if we ever need it and if we do – I shall definitely be pushing up the daisies at that stage so it won’t be my problem.

On a down side some of us have been experiencing very slow responses to the Website often timing us out when trying to do things.  Am sure Susan and Michael are onto it.

Perhaps the next blog will be more entertaining


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