Sunday 26th July – Chit Chat

I have been busy loading new items for parishes – you lot have been keeping me busy.  I still have thousand and I mean thousands of items in the pot to complete and load.  Plus am receiving more items that will take sometime to transcribe.

Cathy Sedgwick is making real headway into a project of hers transcribing as many of the war memorials and plaques from churches as she can covering WWI and WWII.  I note too that she is finding a whole load of interesting extras that she is adding for example Wroughton – Poppy Trail 2014

Even though it’s July the weather here has been at times “chilly” so I find it difficult to sit at the pc typing away with cold finger tips (that’s my excuse) so have been spending a bit more time catching up on tv programmes I had missed in the past (wonderful world of tv box sets).  I am currently watching Merlin and remembered that Guinevere was banished by Arthur to legend has it “Amesbury Abbey” and that Arthur often held court at Chippenham so am thinking that maybe Winchester pinched the round table from Wiltshire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe a research project for someone (not me not got time) to delve into the Arthurian Legend and its Wiltshire links.

As promised last week am back to featuring members of our amazing team this week is the turn of Eileen Barnett Eileen Barnett

Read about Eileen in her OPC PROFILE – Eileen Barnett

Need a volunteer for the next feature so any takers let me know and will send you the Q & A form

That’s me for this week until the next time byeeeeeeeee


2 thoughts on “Sunday 26th July – Chit Chat

  1. Wa We A site I could get exited about Wikitree recommended you , I went down your people & places but could not find any one interested in Cricklade or Ashton Keynes My surname is Clifford I am back to 1570 in Ashton but have 2 more families to guarantee a link but the proverable brick wall has loomed I am also into The Tellings of Ashton & the Pontings of Minety Kind Regards John Clifford


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