Sunday 19th July – Blog Resurrection

Have decided that since no-one wants the role of senior administrator (waited a month for someone to step forward) – I have decided I will remain.  I will learn to live with inconsistencies and work with what I can.  I  can only advise on potential problems I cannot insist.  I am passionate about the website and its potential but I want the experience to be good for everyone, technical staff, admin, OPC’s, transcribers and users alike.  I receive many e-mails complimenting us on our achievement I also receive some not so nice comments – these upset me and I try to be tactful in passing these on.

Firstly Susan and Michael have been married for a whole month now – so honeymoon period is over and I will be sending in a few requests for tweaks.  First thing will be the calendar – we are adding service personnel memorials to the calendar so they repeat on their date of death each year – no problem in that until I realised the calendar does not understand Leap Years.  therefore in 2016 these memorials are listed a day early !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked out a plan how to overcome it for now but am certain Susan or Michael will be able to come up with a permanent solution.  Also will be adding dates for famous people Wiltshire connected people (births & deaths).  Also possibly national historical events anniversaries such as the Battle of Waterloo.  If anyone fancies taking this particular idea on then let me know – also if anyone wants a copy I have added a spread sheet to the download section with loads of historical information in a timeline format.  Thanks to Caroline Mary Francis for this Family History Timeline  it can be adapted and added to.  You can even add your own ancestors to it to see who was the reigning Monarch or what events took place in their lifetime

Next week I will recommence with the get to know the team item.

Glad I stayed – I would really miss this job


3 thoughts on “Sunday 19th July – Blog Resurrection

  1. Brilliant news, really glad you are staying, wouldn’t have been the same without you. Keep up the outstanding work x


  2. Great news that you have decided to stay. Your efforts really are appreciated even if we don’t say so often enoough! I might be able to help out with the calendar ( at least keeping it updated – i’m no techie). What’s involved?


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