Saturday 20th June 2015 – A Day Early

This is a sad day for me in one way but a relief in another – for some time now I have felt my efforts for the website are becoming less useful.  I do not have the professional technical knowledge to be a successful senior administration and so I feel someone else who knows more about web design and technology should take over the role.  I have tried to learn as much as I can to keep pages looking professional and uniform but this is becoming almost impossible my technical knowledge is not great and there are better professionals and amateurs out there that can do a better job.  Of course who ever takes over I will support 100% with their decisions as I will take on the role of custodian of the parishes I have interests in.  I am going to put up Seend for re-adoption as I have no personal interest in that parish and wish to concentrate on Bremhill & Worton.  I will continue to transcribe for the website and will continue to link items to parish pages as submitted until someone is willing to take over this role.  This blog will also be my last.  I thank everyone for the support i have had in the past but now its time for me to move on.

Now on a happier note Susan and Michael are getting married today and on behalf of the team I wish them well.  We as a team sent them a card designed and hand painted by Eileen Barnett – thought you might like to see what she designed and what I wrote on your behalf

Susan & Micheal Wedding card by Eillen BarnettWedding Card Verse and Signature

Click on the images to view in all its spleandour


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