Sunday – June 7th – Flaming June

Well June is here and it wasn’t greeted with a happy summer feeling in more ways than one.  Sadly the blog is waning (certainly not melting in the heat) am still using the heater when I am at the computer and the number of spelling errors the checker picks up shows you how cold my hands are.  On a brighter note the warm weather down south serves two purposes people get out and about and I get loads of lovely new pics to add to the galleries or it keeps people indoors and they send me loads of new items to add.  Cathy used to check all the links for me but now Jodi has taken on the job so Cathy can get on with other things.  Liz Corfield has also volunteered to help with the calendar updates for our heroic soldiers so please if you soldiers aren’t yet on the calendar let me know and I will ask Liz to add them (providing of course the information is available).  Nigel Chalk has also kindly offered to help transcribing the National Probate database from 1858-1966 its a huge project and entries get added to the files on the parish pages as and when we can.

This week we feature Yvonne Mitchell

 Yvonne Mitchell

OPC PROFILE – Yvonne Mitchell

Anyway back to transcribing and uploading.  Loads to do and not enough hours in the day to do it as they say.

Oh yes and next week one of our transcribers suggested featuring an article of one of the parish pages so that’s what we will do.


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