Sunday 17th May 2015 – Busy Busy Busy

I faced the week without my assistant Cathy who decided to break her internet connection and take some time off – only kidding she did lose her internet for a while but was not idle she was working on census returns and other bits and pieces for her parishes happily to say she is back with us now – catching up on everything I sent to her while she was sunning herself (oops working hard).

Other than that I have been really busy once more loading items that seem to have got into a traffic jam.  OPC’s and transcribers have been really busy since the start of the new year and I don’t seem to be able to catch up and transcribe too.  I try to be fair and spend time on everyone’s submissions in alloted slots.   Most submissions are ready for the page so that is easy – others are submitted and need a fair amount of formatting or adding to the templates available on the home page.  Those submissions that need most work are from our members who send in things that they have collected for their own family history so I can’t complain.

I have added some more names to the Meet the Team Page – sadly people seem very shy and haven’t submitted a pic yet.  Am sure they will at some point but for now they are represented by a silhoutte

Until next week am going to get my head down and load and transcribe some more records.

I must say though how much I appreciate the effort made by everyone to make our website a useful tool for our users.


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