Sunday May 10th – Time Flies

Well here we are again – Its Sunday and blog day.

After the recent election (not going to get political) Marion Swindells OPC for the Teffont Parishes & Burcombe has posted a couple of election related snippets on our Facebook Page.  I have found this BBC Clip of MP John Glenkeeping up tradition in 2010.

Thanks to all those who have submitted pics for the meet the team section of this blog – if you haven’t done so yet and would like to be included please let me have a pic – at some point I will be adding the full list of OPC’s, Transcribers &c. but I have been very busy this week.

Would like to thank the OPC for Semley and other parishes, Linda De Santiz and Katherine Dent for going out of their way to supply me with material needed to complete and continue a few projects (Christmas time I would expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but which year I hear you all shouting)

With the weather beginning to get a little more inviting for field trips etc please check out the tips list on the web site.  Only last week I was told of one of our OPC’s who had been out and about in a rather quiet cemetery and took a fall and broke their leg.  Norty OPC had left their mobile in their car and had to wait for help from a passer-by.

This weeks randomly selected parish of the week is  Collingbourne Kingston.


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