Sunday 3rd May 2015 – Chit Chat

Hi all – as promised here is the weekly blog. Some of you will know that I have created a meet the team page, just a pic and what their role is within the project plus a small snippet about their interests.  I hope in future to feature each of the team individually but written by them (start writing peeps and who will be the first volunteer).  Just include stuff like why you joined the team, your interests etc.  Some of you have sent me a pic to add perhaps those who haven’t would like to send one in (not obligatory) but its nice to put a face to a name. This week has been a busy one as it the end of the month and the site housekeeping is always done on the first of the month (unless I am off on hols).  Also the parish of the week changes each Sunday and this week the parish of Berwick Bassett was randomly chosen.  (Random you may ask – I use a random number generator I found on the net and as each parish has a number back end I use the numbers 1-330). As the blog is fairly new if you have any suggestions for content please let me know and I will see what I can do. One piece of news that I feel should be announced is that our Webmistress Susan Penter and her fiance  Michael Pearson are getting married next month.  Susan has been waiting for the day she could say those words “I’m getting married next month”  with anticipated excitement.  We wish her and Michael every happiness for the future and lucky us because Michael is quite a computer whizz too so we have a new team member to join us.

An extra bit that has been submitted and I was meant to add and forgot to ask for before we went to “press”.

The OPC for Semley revisited her research on WWI casualties from 2012 and produced a biopic for each man which she completed during the last week and added to her page.

The 25 names on the War Memorial and/or the Baptist Chapel Memorial Plaque are of casualties who were born in the parish; those whose parents (one or both) were born in the parish even if the casualty himself wasn’t; those who although not born in the parish were living there at the time they died, and those whose parents were living in the parish even though the casualty himself didn’t reside there.

A further 8 casualties not listed on the memorials who fall into one or more of the above categories have been found.  One casualty – R Gale – remains unknown.


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