Hello world!

Have finally joined the world of blogging –

I am the administrator of the Wiltshire OPC project

Our aim is to provide a free support network for anything related to Wiltshire Genealogy and edging into the local and social history sectors.

We are a group of around 8o volunteers worldwide who spend various amounts of time transcribing items to add to various parishes in the county of Wiltshire.

Some adopt a parish or parishes and work on those parishes only others transcribe and build on any of the parishes.  Parish adoption is the idea though.

We have a motto “If something is or is not of interest to you then it may be of interest to others” with this in mind anything of interest may be added to the site.  We have extensive image galleries for each parish and several documents added to each page (added to on a daily basis).

We are always happy for others to join us or donate items for the project.  Contact may be made via the website.

I hope to add to this blog on a regular basis – so enough for now


10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome Wiltshire OPC Project to the wonderful world of blogging. Looking forward to following you.

    Thank you to all the team for the fantastic job that you are doing across all Wiltshire parishes entirely voluntarily for the benefit of anyone researching their family history and wanting to know more about the places where they lived.


  2. I visited Wiltshire this month to visit a number of churches and took photographs inside and numerous graveyard memorials. Will be uploading to the OPC site Ramsbury and South Marston in due course. I was only in the area for a day so obviously can’t include everything.

    Aiming to visit Wiltshire again in a few months. Will firstly visit Chilton Foliat and then head to North Wiltshire.

    Does anyone want a church visited, preferably villages as easy to locate – and more interesting in my view, there could be a nice pub nearby to try!



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